Hacks to grow your online business

2 min readJun 7, 2020


Today, I’m going to show you some helpful hacks you can use to improve your online business. You’ll get the right tool

Hire the right employees

There are different criterias to know before hiring (Lots of books available on this topic). My advice is that look for generalists if you're starting out. Use online services like Upwork for automate repetitive tasks. There are some catches when you using these platforms:

  • Over-communicate with the person (Use drawings, documents, or presentations). You can use Sketch, Balsamiq for drawings, and Google Suite for documents and presentations.
  • Sometimes onboarding freelancers/consultants to your platform will take some time. So, be patient on this approach.

Find the available software in your niche (Google!)

Use technology wherever you can, this helps you a lot in the long run. I’m listing some of my places where I look for software are Producthunt, Capterra, G2. You can always contact me if you have any troubles.

I curated a list of useful products and tutorials, you can check it out here

Identify your target audience

  1. Create a persona for your customer (Personagenerator is a good one)
  2. List down the places where you can find out your customers. Narrow down

Create Solid marketing plan

→ Content Marketing

  • Do guest posting on your niche industry blogs. This is really helpful to get backlinks to your website.
  • Other ways like starting blogs, podcast and so on

→ Influencer Marketing

  • Interview influencers with influencers if possible and share it on your social media.
  1. Always try to understand your marketing funnel as early as possible. Please note that you may come across some challenges when you start marketing, so write down your goals and be consistent. You can try out Bullseye Framework (read from here).

Create a landing page with an email opt-in.

Build an audience in your social media (esp Instagram/Twitter )

Start with Instagram/Twitter page, you can always expand it other platforms later or use tools like Hootsuite, Zapier to do social media automation. Even with these automation tools, you might have to find time to engage with your customers separately.

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